Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many bundles do I need to complete a full sew in?

You will need 3-4 bundles. For even more volume 5 is optional.

2) What is a Weft?

Wefting is the process of sewing the hair strands across in one straight line. The weft is sewn onto the braided track of hair in the client’s head. Weft hair is used for sew-in, glue and net weaving.

3) What if I found a grey hair?

Virgin hair is cut directly from a donor’s head therefore there may be gray hairs depending on the donor’s age and stress level. Don’t worry, virgin hair can be dyed or if you like the natural color look, the gray hairs and be tweezed out easily.

4) How long does it take to process and ship orders?

Everything will take up to 2 weeks or less. We will also provide you with a tracking number so that you can keep track of your package.                                  

5) If am not content with my product, Can I return it?

Of course you can! We are a company that you can trust. We want to make all things easy as possible for our clients.
You can return and get your money back guarantee within 3 days of receiving the product.
Only if the item has not been used or untied can it be sent back.